Wild Turkey Crashes Into Bathroom Window & Does Exactly What You Expect

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Needless to say, this may never be the turkey pardoned by President Obama.

Similar to the child from Jurassic Park, we’d all laugh at the prospect of a six-foot turkey, however, if a consistent sized crazy turkey ever before joined your bathroom, you would be f*cked.

Nancy Page of Warwick, Rhode Island is a survivor. One wild turkey (potentially having drunk a complete container of crazy chicken whisky) crashed into her restroom window, switched on her faucet, that was remaining on all night, and simply made a real feathery mess of things. Smart woman.

Whenever Nancy came back house she realized that liquid was pouring from the ceiling. She rounded the upstairs part, noticed the demonic bird sitting on her restroom counter, and called 911.

This is actually the area of the story in which I would scrape a chalkboard with my fingernails, and state, “I’ll get this bird for ya. However it ain’t going to be effortless.”

The video clip above shows the turkey evading capture. If you ever find yourself going to the bathroom in the center of the evening, and hear a cackling gobble coming from behind you, realize that it is too-late while you accept the void this fowl is all about to send you to.