When This Teachers Aide Had a Gut Feeling Something Was Wrong She Decided to Act, What She Did Next has People Rightfully Calling Her a Hero (VIDEO)

When Sandra Ferguson was driving to work she noticed something that she immediately knew was horribly wrong and decided to take action.

Ferguson, who works as a teachers aide at Sutter Elementary School in Antioch, California noticed an 11 year old female sitting in the vehicle with a man she had never seen on campus before. As Ferguson recounted to KGO-TV, the look on the girls face said it all. Knowing that she needed to do something, Ferguson used her vehicle to block the mans truck from moving and asked the child if that man was her father.

When the frightened student stated the man was her friend, Ferguson knew she had been kidnapped.

Via Blaze

I said, Sweetheart, is that your dad? She said, No hes a friend. I said, No, hes not your friend! Ferguson told KGO-TV. I put my car in front of his and blocked him in. I told her, You get out of that truck right now!

Ferguson called the police, with her quick actions reportedly protecting the child from potential kidnapping. Sutter Elementary School principal Debra Harrington later dubbed Ferguson a guardian angel.

Police claim that the child was walking to school when she was lured over to the vehicle by Santiago Salazar, 51, who allegedly pulled her inside.