WATCH Jimmy Kimmels Emotional Shredding Of The Lion Murdering Dentist (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel, like most of us, cant understand how a person could possibly feel the need to kill something as beautiful as a lion or the plethora of other exotic animals murdered by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer.

Palmer, who says he was under the impression the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe was perfectly legal, has had to go into hiding from the public after outcries for him to be treated like his prey. As Kimmel points out, Palmer doesnt hunt for food, or to thin the herd, or for any other good reason. He hunts for the pleasure of sitting underneath the head of a majestic beast he paid an ungodly amount of money for someone else to track, while he was drinking scotch with his buddies while they pay tribute to what a totally manly man he is.

This time his over-compensation for that which he is obviously lacking will cost him, as he had to shutter his practice and will likely never be able to open another one.

Kimmel, to try to make something positive from this crying shame of an incident, got a bit choked up as he talked about what people could do to help the researchers who tracked and loved Cecil for more than years. If you want to help you can go to to make a donation in Cecils name.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel get choked up after demolishing what may have been left of dentist Walter Palmers dignity.

Featured image via screen capture

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  • Joe Langella

    I wonder how much he would cry if the dentist was selling the Lions body parts????
    This just proves what hypocrites and what democrats prioritize.

    • Jerome Bana

      i see you are one of these who dont understand anything and are led by fox news.
      Planned parenthood wasnt selling body parts the video is wrong and has caused way too much damage so far. in the video they only ask for payment of shipping, they do not make money and the parts are only used for science and research. everything is done within the parameter of the laws and ethics. But i guess if you want to see evil doesnt matter what we explain to you does it ?

    • Deborah Harris

      You are a fuc%$#@ idiot. Nobody is selling body parts. For Gods sake educate youself.

    • whitecat31

      First off, you hi-jack a story about killing a lion for sport to hint at planned parenthood videos. Secondly, you are so misinformed, it is just frustrating. The videos are edited in a way to create a false narrative. There is a difference between shipping cost and body part cost. You see it cost money to ship and store things so they stay valid for research. This involves using dry ice and expensive cold storage.

      • Joe Langella

        Whitecap 31
        And what proof do you have of that statement may I ask???
        Im amazed at how you liberals demand proof from the right when they bring a valid argument but when reversed you never offer any facts just puntant double talk?
        Are you trying to say that the words coming out of the doctors mouth were changed?
        Did you watch the tape of the V.P.talking to her lawyer on how to circumvent the law?
        The problem you have is you refuse to question your own side so you will never be able to seek the truth on this issue.

    • Jake Maason

      Joe, you just proved what retards the Republicans truly are. Your IQ is probably less than 20, and thats why you are a [email protected] stain on humanity, you useless f()ck.

      • Joe Langella

        Jake Mason
        That you for validating what liberals do when confronted with the truth.
        They act like 3rd graders and deflect to calling names to bring the emotion out of people.
        Sorry it wont work with me because I see right through your childish behavior and never react with emotion like your side does.
        The only reason you have to blame republicans is to deflect the fact that your side is a failure in every policy in their ideology.

        • Jake Maason

          How can you be so delusional? I almost wonder if your seemingly infinite stupidity is just an act o.o

        • Jerome Bana

          you are trully delusional :)
          we got proof there is nothing illegal but you refuse to see this, you seems to be anti obama and yet everybody but republicans can see how much good he did for the US, whether you talk in terms of employments or dow jones, healthcare etc ..
          you represent the core of what is wrong with people in the right wing, blind ignorance to facts and truth

          • Joe Langella

            Jerome Bana
            Just what fantasy land do you live in?
            When eperical evidence is put right in front of you you still try to make excuses for it.
            Just what proof do you have?
            It seems to me if it was a valid claim you would have defended it?
            Thats what you do when you have a civil debate.
            It will be very difficult to debunk what came out of that doctors mouth and selling baby parts is a felony
            As far as Obama goes results is all we should look at that is the only measure of how one govens.
            And those facts also have emperical evidence that we as a nation are worst off since he took office.
            23 million more people on food stamps wages for the middle class down since he took office.
            Black unemployment at a all time high.the labor participation rate the lowest in 35 years .
            Are these the things your talking about how he made the country better?
            And you have the audacity to say Im delusional?
            OK got it.

  • Pryor

    I just became a fan of Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Charles Schwartz

    Thats just awesome. Love Jimmy.

  • Joe Langella

    Deborah Harris
    Trying to justify breaking the law will get you nowhere.
    I understand that democrats only adhere to laws they like but the fact is its against the law to sell human baby parts.
    The stem research argument has been around for a long time.
    And some validity is warranted to your argument but until the laws are changes all you can hope for is to write your congressman and ask for a change in the law.
    Until then you cant make a valid argument.

  • Sebastian Marchmain

    Of course, if Obama the monkey had killed the lion, they would be clapping!!