This Teenage Boy Comes Out As Gay To His Best Bud; See Best Bud’s Awesome Reaction

A teenage boy’s coming out of the closet conversation to his best friend is now the latest internet sensation.

Getting more than 35,000 retweets and at least 55,000 favourites on the microblogging site Twitter, the screenshot of their heartwarming exchange of text messages posted by the best bud’s sister and Twitter user @paleveil has definitely gotten everyone’s attention. In fact, the inspiring story has been featured in BuzzFeed which has almost 4 million views as of writing.

In the Twitter user’s post, she wrote in the caption: “This convo between my brother and his best friend just warms my heart so much. And they’re only 13”.

So how did their conversation go?

For the first time, the 13-year-old boy revealed his deepest, darkest secret to his best bud- that he is gay.

“I like boys. this is so embarrassing for me to say but that’s my secret and I was so scared of telling because your my best friend bro and I don’t want you think im weird and just leave or anything”

Despite all the hate going on in the world, his best bud gave him the best response:

“Bro we [have] been friends for 3 years and I’m glad you told me this. Who the f–k cares what people are going to say? You’re awesome no matter what bro and I’m happy that [you’re] my best friend. Don’t be ashamed there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. As a bro I’m gonna stick by you. Aint nothing wrong with being gay my friend.”

We certainly didn’t see that coming from a teenage boy and their touching conversation only proved that love still exists amidst this chaotic universe.

It’s definitely a shout-out to gay haters around the world.

Here’s the teenage boys’ amazing conversation that will restore your faith in humanity.


Photo credit: BuzzFeed


Photo credit: BuzzFeed


Photo credit: BuzzFeed

Source: BuzzFeed, Mirror UK

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed