This Anonymous Tribute To A Deceased Dog Is The Sweetest Thing Ever

Twitter user Molly Sanderson was strolling along the beach in Northumberland, England, when she spotted a crate of tennis balls.

It was no ordinary box, but a loving tribute to an unknown person’s dog named Charlie. In it were several used balls, presumably Charlie’s favorite things in the world.

The entire tribute to Charlie reads:

Please help yourself to a tennis ball for your dog to enjoy. You may also wish to pop it back in the box afterwards for another pooch to enjoy. If you wish to keep it then that’s fine. Remember to live each moment just like your dog, with unconditional love, loyalty, and happiness.

I’m not crying. There’s just something in my eye. Like a twig. Or a branch.

After posting the photo on Twitter, Molly’s post began receiving a lot of attention. It got 10,000 retweets and 22,000 likes, and people were so moved by this simple gesture.

Twitter: @molly_mollzie

Twitter: @molly_mollzie

Twitter: @molly_mollzie

Someone even sent photographic evidence of actual tears, because dogs, man. :’(

Twitter: @SLaponzina

Molly said the crate has been there for quite some time, but they still haven’t found Charlie’s person. RIP, little guy.

Twitter: @FemaleTexts