This 80-Year-Old Granddad Walks 20 Kilometers Daily To Earn Money Selling Shrimp Paste

For a meager earnings of $1.08 or Php50, an 80-year-old grandfather generally Manong Lauro walks 20 kilometers each day from their home in Bitukang Manok in Pandi, Bulacan to genuine Cacarong.

This Manong (Mah-noh-ng — a Filipino term earmarked for someone who is avove the age of you), relentlessly walks the roads carrying a bucket-full of bagoong or shrimp/krill paste and sells it from house to house.


Bagoong is a well liked relish within the Philippines. This condiment is manufactured out of salted or fermented seafood or tiny shrimps. it is frequently marketed in public places markets and grocery stores, even though some men and women do sell them on the roads to earn much more money. But, the truth is, it’s rather cheap, it willn’t spoil effortlessly, so individuals don’t regularly have to purchase some.

Using this into consideration, we’ll get a grasp of difficulties Manong Lauro face daily simply to make a living. Carrying that container alone, he walks as opposed to operating a public transportation as he reckons that an enormous percentage of his profit would only be utilized in fares if he does so.


Therefore, against all odds, this hard-working man endures the elements while the tiredness so he could at the very least get a kilo of rice and a maybe couple of bits of fish for their household.

At his age, no body expects Manong Lauro to-do just what he does, however their love and issue for his nearest and dearest offer him the energy to press on. It’s very noble act, although in some way, we hope that their family members could have better tasks quickly so he could eventually retire and luxuriate in life — because that’s just what he should simply be performing at this time.

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