The World’s Response To The Dallas Shootings Proves Love Will Always Triumph Over Hate

As news is breaking of yet another horrific shooting in the US, the Internet is awash not with hate speech and anger, but with messages of love and unity.

Following a peaceful protest in Dallas, Texas, against the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterlin by police in Minnesota and Louisiana, a sniper reportedly opened fire.

With 5 Dallas police officers confirmed dead at the time of writing and six more injured, the words of togetherness and peace that swept Twitter in the aftermath are truly inspiring.

Buildings in Dallas have been illuminated with blue light to show solidarity with, and as a mark of respect for, police officers, while the hashtag #BlueLivesMatter surfaced.

And thousands of people took to Twitter with messages of hope, grief, and courage to show #DallasStrong.

While this latest fatal shooting will undoubtedly raise questions about America’s gun laws, it’s incredibly moving to see that the US (and the world) remains united in the face of hatred and fear.

Around the world, people are sharing the powerful words of Martin Luther King to spread the message of love.