SHOCK VIDEO: Teen Girl Left with Crushed Pelvis and Ribs After Being Intentionally Ran Over During Schoolyard Brawl

A Texas teen was hospitalized after being intentionally struck with a vehicle during a schoolyard brawl in Houston Friday.

Reportedly, the incident occurred as a number of female students engaged in an altercation for an unknown reason at Cullen Middle School. As the female students can be seen throwing punches during the video, a driver in a gray Dodge Avenger drives up over the curb, striking the 14-year-old female and crushing the majority of her body.

According to ABC13, the teen was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital where she has since received 3 surgeries for her injuries. While police have stated the teen is in stable condition, she was reportedly left with a broken pelvis and ribs, a lacerated liver as well as other injuries.

Via ABC13

In the cell phone video taken by an onlooker on La Salette near Yellowstone Park, a gray Dodge Avenger jumps the curb, sped several yards, and ran over the 14-year-old girl. Her mother says her 10-year-old sister saw it all. She also says another student was injured in the fight, and one more was struck by the car.

Police now say the driver of the Avenger is an unknown black woman in her 20s. She had a passenger with her, police said, who theyve been able to identify. The driver is wanted for felony aggravated assault. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

The family believes it knows the person responsible.

Warning: Graphic video