School Bans Teen From Having American Flag Move Backfires BIG TIME

Peyton Robinson has a simple answer for why he flies the U.S. flag from the back of his truck.

Just proud to be an American citizen.

But when Robinson, a student in York County, SC, brought his American and POW-MIA flags to school this week as he has done for over a year the school did the unthinkable.

A school official went to his truck while he was in class, and took them down.

Why? Because some people complained they were offended by them.

He didnt see why anyone would be offended:

Id understand if it was the Confederate flag or something that might offend somebody.
I wouldnt do that. But an American flag thats our countrys flag. I have every right to do it.

When asked who exactly was offended, the school then claimed it was a safety issue.


But Robinson and his fellow students did not take this lying down.

Last night they parading their own trucks with flags in the school parking lot, with local news media in tow.

And this morning, under threat of suspension his fellow students flew their own flags at school in solidarity with Robinson with more than 70 vehicles equipped with waving flags pulled into the school parking lot to violate the stupid ban.


A crowd stood on the roadside and cheered them on, and what appeared to be a group of veterans saluted at the schools entrance as they rode in.


Here is a video clip of their awesome demonstration:

Principal Christopher Black told WSOC on Thursday he would be asking all of those students to remove their flags. But just a couple of hours after the demonstration, there was a big change of heart.

Do [sic] to the outstanding display of patriotism through peaceful demonstration, it is apparent to us that many are not happy about this policy, the school said in a statement. School officials have reviewed the standing policy regarding flags and have decided that an exception will be made for the American flag, as long as the size of the flag(s) does not create a driving hazard.

The state Highway Patrol told WSOC the York students flags are legal.

Robinsons dad told WSOC hes proud of his son and that he encouraged him to keep flying the flag whatever the rules might say, even if it meant leaving school.