Romantic South Africa

sa wineryWhether your idea of romance is a safari across a beautiful national park or tasting wines at a beautiful resort, South Africa has something for everyone. You can spend your morning seeing penguins in their natural habitat and then enjoy dinner on a warm beach. If you are looking for a romantic getaway in South Africa the most important thing you need to give yourself is time. You don’t want to rush this kind of trip! Give yourselves at least a week, ideally two, to take in all of the romantic sites that South Africa has to offer.

1) Safari – Just because the housing is in tents, does not mean you will be roughing it. Tent safaris in Africa can be incredibly well equipped with all modern amenities, the only difference is that your house is made of canvas. You can enjoy a bottle of champagne at the end of the day outside your tent after a day of taking in lions, zebras, elephants and more in their natural habitat. Yes, there are a lot of early morning starts, but this is a one of a kind experience. If you book a more romantic setting, you can also make sure you get a little privacy! Have your own tour guide and your own safari jeep.

2) Wine tasting – South African wines are really beginning to establish themselves as some of the best wines in the world. You can stay at a vineyard and sample their wines while enjoying fine dining. Or you can book a spot on a wine tasting trip that takes you around to different vineyards during your stay. Either way, this is a romantic getaway that allows you to experience some of the finest things South Africa has to offer.

3) Beaches – South Africa offers some of the most pristine white beaches in the world. There are some of the popular touristy spots off of Cape Town, but if you are looking for a romantic getaway you should try one of the secluded resorts that offer private beaches. Thonga Beach Resort is a great example of this type of getaway, but there are many for all different budgets. You can always call and check that the resort is more geared towards couples than families if you are looking for a quiet spot.

4) Boulder’s Beach Colony – If you are interested in wildlife and beaches, enjoy a romantic afternoon watching penguins at Boulder’s Beach. This is in one of South Africa’s many national parks so it can be combined with a day of hiking and taking in nature. Stop off at Simon’s Town to see a quaint example of life in South Africa and enjoy a nice meal. This is a great romantic side trip to a stay in Cape Town.