Is THIS Racism: Black Teens Brutally Beat White Mom Making Her Drop Baby On Its Head


A shocking video has been posted online showing a group of Black female thugs challenging a young White mother (clutching her young child) to a fight merely for sitting down in the wrong park.

Then when she, understandably, declined to fight them, they do the unthinkable.

The person filming the scene comments that the White woman is holding her child because shes afraid to get beat up. And then soon afterwards one feral teen strikes:

Without warning, one of the thugs grabs the mother by the hair and yanks her off the bench she was sitting on. As a result, the child is thrown onto the ground rather aggressively, resulting in an understandably scared and screaming child.

The remainder of the clip simply shows the black woman pulling around the white mother by her hair, delivering blow after blow, while some assclown begins dancing in celebration. The mothers cohort attempts to end the abuse, but her screams fall upon deaf ears.

Is THIS racism, leftist arbiters of all things racial?

Or are you going to try and tell us that in 2015 America, it is just fine for a White mother to be attacked, causing her child to hit her head on the ground, just because she sits down in a public park in an area where Blacks dont want her to be.

Just imagine if the races were reversed. This wouldnt just be national news, but international as well. Such is the insane double standard that infects this nation right now.

UPDATE: 11:30pm EST According to LiveLeak: the baby sustained head trauma and a concussion