Groundskeeper Uses Broom As His Paintbrush, Snow As His Canvas

Art comes in various forms, from sculptures to canvases to a dance performance and everything (or anything) in between. Nearly anything can be labeled as art, which is one of the most intriguing things about it: there are hardly any boundaries by which an artist needs to abide or conform to. And so, with the snow as his canvas and a broom as his brush, a 51-year-old groundskeeper at a school in Russia took to the grounds and brushed up on his drawing skills. Student Maria Kondrateva said to the GBTimes, When he creates his snow pictures, we all look out of the windows to check it out. So do the teachers. It doesnt even matter if we have a class at that moment we can always find a couple of minutes to admire his snow art. Check out the following photos for some samples of his snow art that appears on the field next to the school:

1. A flower with intricate detailing, including a butterfly

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