Florida Supreme Court Denies Law License to Illegal Alien


by John Urban | Top Right News

Advocates for illegal aliens were stunned this week as the Florida Supreme Court barred an illegal alien from joining the Florida bar to practice law.

The La Raza lobby was especially stunned after the California Supreme Court, just months ago, did the exact opposite, as we noted at the time, admitting all qualified applicants as attorneys, including an applicant who is not lawfully present in the United States illegal aliens. And they were convinced this was a wave that would sweep other states, as in-state tuition has done.

Not so fast, said Floridas top court:

Quite some time ago, Jose Manuel Godinez-Samperio, an illegal alien born in Mexico who had graduated from a Florida law school, sought to be admitted to the bar. Before permitting it, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners solicited an opinion from the high court by means of a discharge petition. A year ago, the Court ruled that aliens illegally in the country could not be admitted.

Yet that wasnt the end of the story, because the court was only ruling on the general proposition on admission of illegal aliens to the Florida bar (the hypothetically hypothetical notion, so to speak), even though everyone understood that the opinion was requested because of Godinez-Samperio. That left the actual request for admission (and denial pursuant to the courts original finding) to work its way through the Florida courts. That has now happened, as Floridas high court has ruled no illegal aliens can be licensed to practice law in the state.

The absurdity of permitting foreigners violating immigration law to practice law was spelled out by Larry DeSha, a former prosecutor with the State Bar of California:

An illegal alien cant say he is going to fulfill his duties as an attorney when one of those duties is to uphold all federal laws, when hes here illegally. And no one can administer the oath to him knowing hes going to be illegal the minute he puts his hand down. And the other thing is clients cant pay him money. And any client who finds out that he is illegal has to fire him under federal law.

Supporters of the rule of law can applaud the Sunshine State for not following the Sanctuary State down the rathole of immigration lawlessness. But they cannot rest for long.

That is because Floridas illegal alien-pandering Republican Speaker of the House Will Weatherford who has been quietly pushing for in-state tuition for illegals has made noises that he might support a law change permitting illegal aliens to join the Florida bar. Thus far, no such bill has yet been introduced into the legislature.