Firefighters Across America Just Came Forward to Utterly Destroy Barack Obama


During a press conference at the White House with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President Barack Obama made an outrageous statement.

Obama slammed the media for allegedly looping the video of one burning building in Baltimore over and over and over again.

The premise was that reporters were ignoring all the peaceful protests in favor of one measly act of rioting.

There was only one problem: it was a bald faced lie.

Rioters set a huge swath of Baltimore on fire over 3 nights of destructive rioting. Yet the cowardly lapdog media have given Obama a complete pass on his lie despite the fact that he was falsely accusing them of lying.

Well one group of Americans are not letting the race-baiter-in-chief get away with it.

The International Association of Fire Fighters were outraged by Obamas assertion, especially given that their members had to work tirelessly to put out the 159 fires that were set by Baltimores race rioters last week. And they put together a devastating, spot-on tweet that captured Obamas lie in a single powerful image:

Prez Obama says #Baltimore was 1 burning building looped on TV. Which fire is he referring to? #StandwithBCFD

Which one burning building was Obama referring to? The fire that destroyed a CVS or the fire that destroyed the CVS managers home? The CVS manager who was left unemployed and homeless, by the way.

As we reported, one fire destroyed a multi-million dollar publicly funded senior center. Perhaps Obama was referring to that one?

The truth is that Obama clearly made the asinine statement about one burning building because he resents that the media prefers focusing its attention on acts of rioting versus acts of peaceful protesting.

The rioters did a whole lot more than just burn down large portions of Baltimore. They also destroyed lives.

Maybe this fact isnt important to President Barack Hussein Obama, but it certainly is to the International Association of Fire Fighters, and all Americans as it should be.

[h/t Conservative Tribune]