Dining Splurge: RyuGin in Tokyo, Japan

file000156498472RyuGin is a restaurant whose name (meaning “dragon”) was inspired by a Japanese Zen poem. It is this concept that has inspired Chef Seiji Yamamato to open his restaurant. RyuGin features modern day Japanese cuisine using the ingredients of the past to inspire his dishes. The ingredients are local.

The look of the restaurant is that of a quiet atmosphere designed for calm dining. Most tables seat two but there are private rooms available. There is a waiting area on the first floor that overlooks the city. Seating is very limited in this restaurant. So, reservations should be made in advance and are recommended to be made by the hotel you are staying at. They do accept same day seating if there are tables available. While the atmosphere is meant to be calming, it is also a more formal restaurant where wearing very casual clothing should be avoided.

The menu features the Chef’s modern day Japanese creations artfully prepared and displayed. The menu does change depending on the seasonal ingredients it has purchased for that day. But you can expect to find many dishes that showcase the local seafood. Among the Chef’s specialties is the preparation of Wild Fugu or Blowfish. This dish is prepared in a number of different ways to showcase all of the parts of the fish. The tail is deep fried while the skin is prepared in different ways. The filet is grilled, deep fried and left raw for its inclusion in some of the dishes.

There is also a summer special menu prepared by the Chef. This menu features abalone, eel, mushrooms, pike and sweet fish. It is available between June and September. The meal is all-inclusive and does feature desert items. You can also order off the a la carte menu if you have a specific dish that you would like to try.

Beverages include Japanese sake, wine, water and different teas. The drinks are paired with dinner. You can also consult with a sommelier about more selections.

The restaurant does try to cater somewhat to allergies. But they would like to know in advance of any special precautions that have to be taken. However, you should skip this restaurant if you are allergic to seafood since this is the main component of many of the dishes.

RyuGin is a modern Japanese cuisine restaurant that features the local seafood and seasonal ingredients. Its Chef has been inspired by the harmony of the food and the people.