Did Mainstream Media Attempt to Smear Donald Trump by Claiming Crowd Booed him When Crowd Was Actually Booing Marco Rubio? (VIDEO)

You probably missed this because conventional media television is working a 24/7 Pope Show right now, however in the online world the MSM is stumbling over itself to obtain the story seen. The claim is that Donald Trump got booed by a sizable conventional audience for calling Marco Rubio a clown.

The image/Screenshot below offers you a sense of whats floating around on Bing Information.

See here.

trump booed

But is that just what really occurred? Not so quickly.

Heres movie associated with the boos because they happened.

Today Im perhaps not a Trump voter. I do not know just who i might vote for yet to tell the truth. But I accept Frank Luntz with this one.

frank luntz

Is it feasible the crowd ended up being booing Donald Trump? Certain it really is. But its also entirely possible they were booing Rubio. Indeed, the group booed at mention of name Marco Rubio and at the purpose whenever Trump said he previously been nice towards Florida Senator.

In the media globe, they got the headline they wished. Even if it was perhaps completely fabricated.

Exactly what state you?

H/T: Gateway Pundit