Cities With The Fastest Internet On Every Continent


6. Nairobi

Speed: 6.25 MB/s

Cost: US$100/month

Zuku, Safaricom, and others provide internet services as part of TV and mobile bundles.


5. Sydney

Speed: 25 MB/s

Cost: US$169/month

The Telstra monopoly, poor infrastructure, and low population density have Australia lagging behind in the region. However the government-sponsored National Broadband Network is giving companies like Spirit and Optus a chance to make a mark.

4. Santiago

Speed: 62.5 MB/s

Cost: US$150/month

Chile leads South America in average speed, though at 1MB/s it is at less than half that of Canada or the United States. In broadband adoption the country is again a regional leader, though above 1 MB/s this dwindles significantly.


3. Oslo

Speed: 62.5 MB/s

Cost: US$150/month

Norway trails only South Korea in average broadband speed and its distribution, but is making eye-popping year-over-year gains in the latter. For instance the percentage of the population in the fastest speed tier grew 186% over the last year alone.


2. Seoul

Speed: 125 MB/s

Cost: US$30/month

Leading companies KT, CJ Hellovision, LG U+, and SK Telecom all offer 1GB/s service, as do a number of other competitors, driving down costs and raising average speeds. A population density of 1300/mi2 (500/km2) means most people live close to the switching stations through which internet services are delivered.


1. Chattanooga

Speed: 1.25 GB/s

Cost: US$299/month

The city-owned utility company, the Electric Power Board, invested in a high-speed network that is now offering speeds 10 times faster than the municipalites on this list, without expensive direct-to-home installations. “Ordinary” Gigabit (125MB/s) internet is about US$70/month. Unfortunately 4G speeds are still limited to the speeds the large telecom companies offer.