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18 Kids And Parents That Look Identical

Has anyone ever told you, “My, you sure resemble your father!” Well it shouldn’t be uncommon because that’s how genes work. You are supposed to look like your relatives. They raise you, teach you life lessons, and give you their heredity. Here are some famous internet examples of family members who look eerily the same.

Cities With The Fastest Internet On Every Continent

6. Nairobi Speed: 6.25 MB/s Cost: US$100/month Zuku, Safaricom, and others provide internet services as part of TV and mobile bundles. 5. Sydney Speed: 25 MB/s Cost: US$169/month The Telstra monopoly, poor infrastructure, and low population density have Australia lagging behind in the region. However the government-sponsored National Broadband Network is giving companies like Spirit

10 Things You Need To Do To Survive Being Taken Hostage

Source: Gunaxin While traveling abroad, it’s hard to have a good handle of your surroundings. Most places are completely new to you and being in another country can become even scarier in a life threatening situation. One second you’re walking back to your hotel, the next someone has bound and gagged you and is speeding