Amazing Transformation: Abandoned Dog Rescued From The Streets And Given An Unbelieveable Makeover (And New Life)

Homeless animals are a problem for cities and towns across America. But do you know how big of a problem they are? They outnumber homeless people 5 to 1. The number of strays that exist in the U.S. cannot be accurately determined but for cats alone, the estimate is around 70 million. Only two percent of cats who were previously owned before they were turned into shelters are returned to their owners and for dogs, that number ranges from fifteen to twenty percent.

The Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals took in a stray Shih Tzu who was found with dirty, matted hair. Her hair in fact, almost doubled her size. It took three hours and 6 workers to cut and groom the Shih Tzus matted hair. Once she was cleaned up, she was taken to a veterinary clinic for a week and given medical care. Soon after, she was successfully adopted out.

Take a look at the incredible transformation:

Make-over time.



Her fur contributed to over half of her size.