4 Smart Ways to Travel to London, England

london (400x400)To accommodate more than 16 million visitors a year, there are multitudes of transportation options for travel in and out of London, England. Depending on your starting location, you can travel into the city center by car, bus, train or plane. You can even combine transportation methods to save money or experience England in a whole new way. Here’s what you will need to know while planning your trip.


You can take a rental car to London from anywhere in England by traveling to the M25 orbital motorway. The connecting route you take to the city center may lead you past Yorkshire, Edinburgh, Oxford, Birmingham and many other interesting destinations. Once you make it to the M25, you may want to trade in your rental car for a different form of transportation to avoid the particularly heavy traffic in this region. If you prefer to travel with others, you can utilize a ridesharing service to find others following the same route.


There are three major bus lines providing constant transportation in and out of the city proper. The budget coaches offer a safe and low cost way to travel to and from London in comfort. Although you can buy tickets on the spot, it is recommended that you purchase your fare in advance to avoid unexpected complications. You must use the correct station for the chosen bus line in order to utilize your ticket secured in advance.


The train provides a fast, safe and convenient way to travel in and out of London. As a main British rail network hub, the trains run to and from most of the major towns and cities throughout England on a daily basis. The ticket prices vary quite a bit from day to day, hour to hour, and according to your arrival and departure destinations. In general, avoid traveling on Fridays and Sundays to skip high ticket fees. You can save money on your fares by planning your routes and purchasing your tickets in advance. Also, when you buy your ticket in advance, you can reserve a particular seat on the train.


You can choose between a half dozen airport destinations for your flight to and from London. The two biggest and most popular airports, Heathrow and Gatwick, take flights from most of the major flight carriers. The majority of flights going through the Stansted and Luton airports are generally through budget airline companies, including Ryanair. All of the major airports have rest areas equipped with comfortable seating, restrooms, cafe access and Wi-Fi internet.

Planning Your Trip

If you want to save on transportation or other travel costs, book your tickets and hotel rooms at the same time. You can do so by working with an independent travel agent or go through commercial discount booking sites. To save even more, you may also want to book your accommodations and transportation selections about six to eight weeks in advance. Try to avoid going to London during the peak travel season, which runs from the beginning of April to the end of September.