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6 Stunning Places in Peshawar You Must Visit Once

1. Mahabat Khan Mosque The Mosque was built in 1630. Its open courtyard has an ablution pool in the middle and a single row of rooms around the sides. The prayer hall occupies the west side flanked by two tall minarets. According to the turn-of-the-century Gazetteer for Pakhtunkhwa, the minarets were frequently used in Sikh

Report: Donald Trump’s organization rented office space to Iranian bank with ties to terrorism

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and the Center for Public Integrity on Monday revealed Donald Trump’s real estate group rented office space to Bank Melli, Iran’s largest state-controlled bank, which U.S. officials believe to be connected to terrorism and the country’s nuclear arsenal. The Republican nominee has repeatedly maligned the Obama administration’s “botched” Iran

10 Post-Apocalyptic Places Transformed Into Stunning Landmarks

Nearly every city on Earth has them—derelict ruins, the cracked shells of concrete titans long vanquished and forgotten but for their towering silhouettes outlined against the setting Sun. Decades-old factories, abandoned train stations reclaimed by nature, even whole islands that once vibrated with the lives and dreams of generations, all cast by the wayside and